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Consult Globally - Avail support locally

Consult Globally

Avail support locally

Health Passport - Store & share health data

Health Passport

Store & share health data

Multilingual Consults - Choose from 20+ languages

Multilingual Consults

Choose from 20+ languages

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*Services available in Qatar. Expanding to new horizons shortly.

Join our beta testing community today to get early access to Medisense, our innovative healthcare application. Help us test it and provide feedback to make it even better.

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Healthcare delivered like never before



Video Consult Now

Consult with an available doctor from a country & language of your choice.



Order Medicines

Share prescriptions with pharmacies. Avail offers and discounts applicable. Also validate prescriptions from other countries.



Order Lab Tests

Get your regular tests done at discounted prices. Follow that with a consultation on a regular basis.

Health Passport

Health Passport helps you to save your entire family's health profile, medical history, vaccination details in one place. Health Passport can also maintain history of all your consultations and avail all our services with just a click

You can choose to share your health data with the consulting professional safely and securely. Also, save emergency contact information to create a complete profile.

Medisense is built to meet and satisfy the healthcare needs of global citizens. Through innumerable and detailed interactions, we have identified specific needs of users and have crafted hyper-personalised products and services. The efforts of Medisense to provide better healthcare globally has commenced in the Middle East and Asia and we hope to cover Europe, the Americas and APAC. To make it easier and more hospitable for you, we have provided multiple options for you to choose from. With over 50 languages and expert doctors from over 20 different nationalities all on a single platform. Our vision is to cover all nations with one theme - “Borderless, quality and affordable healthcare".
Global services on Medisense consists of real-time video consults, scheduled video appointments and more.

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Why Choose Us

Health Passport
Our electronic health passport lets you save your most needed medical documents and create health profiles and save vaccination timelines of yourself and your family. Your health data will be available for you to share and consult on the platform safely and securely.

Instant Online Consults
With over 3000+ doctors from over 20 different countries signed up on our platform, you can opt to instantly tele-consult with your home country doctors at your convenience, reducing anxious waits at the hospitals.

Data Security
We value your privacy and so all the personal information you store on the platform is 256 bit encrypted as per industry standards and stored safely & securely while making sure that no developer or third party gets access to any of your information.

Multilingual apps
Our multilingual doctors believe that conversations regarding health can be made comfortable for anyone when it's done in one's native language. This eases the process of gathering information needed to make opinions online. You can choose to consult with a doctor in any available language of your choice.

Get our Health App

Consult with an available doctor from a country & language of your choice. Post consultation support for medicines, lab tests can be availed on the platform where applicable.

Medisense | Your Global Health App

What Our Clients Say

We were in Qatar during our first pregnancy when we found that our pregnancy had to be regularly monitored. A week before we were due to fly back, we realized that our hometown was not equipped to handle any emergencies. Luckily, we could reach our family doctors through the Medisense app, who advised us against the travel & have the baby in Qatar. We gained a better perspective of our choices.

Donald Fithian

We had to take our 12-year-old to an orthopedist for pain in her shoulder. The x-ray revealed a previous injury that had gone unnoticed. We later realized that it was linked to a fall she had had many years ago. We could not find those x-rays, had I saved them in Medisense's health passport, I would have had more supporting documents to compare her x-rays

Scott M Dye

Desperately looking for my child’s vaccination chart in 1.5kgs of paper health files that I have collected over 15+years. I wished there was a search button. Now I am using Medisense’s vaccination chart to keep track of our family vaccinations and our health records are organized and can be easily searched and shared with our family doctors.

Nagegowda S N

I have learned a great deal from Dr John about the management of patients with anterior knee pain and/or patellar instability. I have never seen a more thoughtful and organized physician who considers each patient as an individual, not just a problem. And the icing on the cake is that not only is Dr John a thoughtful and caring physician, but also a talented surgeon. I am grateful to call Dr John.

Kareem Adeleke
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