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The next-gen app for healthcare professionals across the globe.

"Medisense Pro" enables healthcare professionals extend their services to patients across different geographical locations.

What is Medisense Pro ?

Medisense Pro is a global platform created for healthcare professionals to connect with patients from anywhere in the world, via encrypted video consultation. In addition you can leverage Medisense's global network to provide local support to patients.

Along with building a strong global presence, you can engage in global e-consultations, manage requests for instant consultations, manage scheduled appointments, build and share easy-to-understand consultation summaries, refer cases to specialty doctors or hospitals that are convenient to patients, receive payments and much more.

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What is the eligibility criteria to join the platform ?
  • Valid medical degree(s) & license(s).
  • Or valid wellness degree(s) & license(s).
  • High commitment to punctuality, global mindset, willingness to serve beyond borders, friendly, compassionate.
  • Experience in managing international patients, providing video consultations.
  • Technology adept.

How will you benefit by
being a part of the Medisense global network ?

  • Build a global profile :
    Boost your profile in the global healthcare network with our best tech assistance. Share your professional interest areas and philosophy on patient care for the benefit of a larger audience.
  • Connect with other professionals or facilities :
    When it comes to referring a patient for better care, we allow you to connect with the best health care professionals and facilities around the world. Similarly professionals around you can connect with you for their patient management in your expertise and location.
  • Knowledge Sharing :
    Contribute to medical content and absorb information on latest innovations in healthcare with our curated contents.
  • Manage consultation requests :
    Maintain patient records online with highest security and data privacy. Set your online consultation schedules and consult at your convenience. Choose to be visible online for instant consultations whenever you have time at hand.
  • Video Consultations :
    Participate in pre-booked and instant online consultations through the app.
  • Health Passport :
    Understand important patient health conditions when they share their health passport prior to a consult.
  • Own your loyalists :
    We believe that good work needs to be appreciated and recognized while the improvement areas need to be addressed. Our on-approval feedback mechanism helps you gain control of your rating and feedback.
  • Using top-end technologies and user friendly interface, we ensure quality and integrity are our top priorities for services rendered on our app. All data is stored securely on cloud storage.
---- Patient Services ----

Services offered to patients



Video Consult


Order Medicines


Order Lab Tests
I am interested. How can I join Medisense Global network ?

If you are aligned with our Vision & Values and if you meet the above criteria, please download "Medisense Pro" app from Android play store or Apple app store. Register yourself with all the mandatory details - medical license, government approved photo ID, video verification and other mandatory details. Once verification of the profile is complete you can start providing consultations.

More details on the platform is provided in the FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) section of the app


Download Medisense Pro

  • Maintain global profile
  • Share knowledge
  • Connect with the experts
  • Manage your practice
  • Robust and agile technology
  • Video Consultations
  • Safety and Security
  • Approved review mechanism
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