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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Doctors


You may download the Medisense Pro mobile app from the App Store.


a. After you have registered, schedule your app calendar with the time available for consultations.

b. You may even use the toggle button in the app to instantly be ‘shown as online and available to consult.’

c. When the user chooses to consult, they will initiate a tele-consult, and you will receive a call with basic details of the patient. You may accept or reject the call. If you reject or miss, the patient can choose to either set an appointment with you for a later date or with another healthcare professional who is available to consult during that time.

d. After you have accepted, the patient will proceed to make the online payment and during this wait time of approximately 3 -5 minutes, you will have access to the health history mentioned by the patient, and you can prepare to get into the call.

e. During the consult, you can fill out the consultation summary which includes prescriptions and tests to be ordered if any.

f. If you are not licensed to practice in the country the patient is consulting from, the prescription you write will be validated by a registered medical practitioner before it reaches the patient.


After you have registered with Medisense Pro, complete the steps, providing personal and medical verification details. List your qualifications, specialisations and build a creative bio that will be visible to the users. You will be listed on the user’s app when Medisense has verified your licence details and a video KYC has been done. If you have verified your licenses through any third-party company, you may upload a copy during registration (Page 3/6).


You are free to choose the time you wish to be on the platform. There are two ways:
a. Pre-schedule your calendar on days and for hours that you prefer to be available.

b. Instantly choose to go online on the app when you are available to consult. When you are online on the platform, you will appear on top of the list when a user search criterion matches. This gives the healthcare professional better reach to users across the globe.


Pricing will be notified to you by Medisense once it is made available. However here are some of the parameters on which the pricing is taken into consideration: the specialization of the healthcare professional, years of experience, GDP, and currency exchange.
Healthcare professionals can also earn through setting up digital therapeutic packages in association with the platform. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the same.

We promise to be just when it comes to pricing.


If you are not a certified doctor or do not have license to practice medicine, you cannot enrol with Medisense. However, if you are a healthcare professional, you may select an appropriate title that suits the service you provide, e.g., therapist, counsellor, physiotherapist and provide relevant certification documents.

For more information, you can refer to the FAQs section on the app. Download to know more!!