The future of primary care & family medicine is here. Welcome to Medisense.

Current Openings

  • General Practitioners - 250
  • General Medicine - 200
  • Family Medicine - 200
  • Sexual Medicine & Urologists - 150
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology - 200
  • Paediatrics - 200
  • Physiotherapy - 150
  • Occupational Therapy - 120
  • Audio and Speech Therapy - 120
  • Clinical Psychologists - 200
  • Dieticians - 150
  • Nutritionists - 150
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Currently Onboarding Professionals from

Country of Professionals
Country of Professionals

Job description

As a medical doctor or wellness professional on Medisense platform, you will provide online video consultation to users/patients from Middle East region. This job will provide a long-term robust platform to offer online consultations to a global audience, particularly to your fellow country folks who live abroad.

Upon every 100 consultations, you are elevated within the platform to consult with users from multiple nations, starting with Qatar. Consultations will be reviewed by region specific partners to ensure local compliance. With Medisense you can create a truly global profile and start consulting with overseas users


  • Perform online video consultations for primary and chronic care using our "Medisense Pro" mobile app.
  • Following the consultation, submit a summary for review by our local partner network in the user's country of residence.
  • Speak in a language that is easily understood by the users, and during registration, kindly mention all languages you can speak or understand.
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and empathy during consultations.

Qualifications Needed

  • Medical degree with valid license to practice for doctors and certified license to practice for wellness professionals.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Great interpersonal skills.

Compensation & benefits

  • The payment structure for all new hires is based on a per-consultation model, with pricing determined by the platform. The consultation fee is determined by a variety of factors, including the country of practice, academic degree, specialization, and the country's GDP. The app displays the pricing after you enter your registration and consultation schedule details, which is in line with industry standards.
  • The consultation duration for most specialties is between 15-30 minutes, except for mental and allied health specialties, which are between 45-60 minutes.
  • In addition, new revenue streams such as packages, second opinions, and medical travel services will be introduced in the near future.

Steps to Apply

  • Download Medisense Pro app from app stores.
  • Complete the 6 step registration process.
  • Fill in your available time for scheduled consultations.
  • Wait for your profile to be verified.
  • Receive an orientation call from Medisense via Medisense Pro app.
  • Your profile is then visible to the users in Medisense app.

Attend "All hands meet" to know more about how we are building this community and our plans.

Next meeting is on:

1st June 2023, Thursday, 10:30 am GMT

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“Medisense Pro” for Healthcare Professionals

With Medisense Pro, Healthcare Professionals can create their global profile and start video consulting with patients across the globe. Each of the consults needing local prescription on the platform will be authorised at patients resident country by our partner institutions.

“Medisense” for Users | patients

“Medisense” is a healthcare super app that allows world citizens to store their family’s health data, and consult with doctors from their home country in a language they prefer for video consultations.

Release of user app in phases over 2023

Registration Tutorial

Medisense Pro - Onboarding & Video-consultation process
Medisense App - Typical User | Patient Journey

Please note: All consults happen through the app; we will not be sharing your personal contact details.

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Should you have any questions for us, or you wish to speak with our founders, please reach out and we will be happy to assist.