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5 Inspiring facts about healthcare in Taiwan no one will tell you about...

Listening to a doctor on his experience at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan for a fellowship made us look up the country for more.

Taiwan, an island nation located in East Asia, is renowned for its advanced healthcare system and medical technology.

Here are five inspiring facts about healthcare in Taiwan that you may not find on the internet:

1. Global visionaries:
The Taiwanese government recognizes the importance of promoting international collaboration and exchange in the field of medicine. The government invests heavily in the healthcare sector, leading to the establishment of world-class medical facilities and research institutions.

One example of this is Dr. Wei Fu Chan, who has trained over 1700 doctors from more than 77 countries in reconstructive microsurgery in the past 25 years.

2. Focus:
Taiwanese healthcare professionals are known for their focus and dedication towards their work. Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff start their day early, sometimes as early as 5 am, to be in the hospital by 6 am to start the shift at 7 am.

3. Food and exercise:

Taiwanese healthcare professionals emphasize the importance of steaming food rather than deep-frying it, making healthy food easily accessible.

Additionally, many healthcare professionals use public transportation, including the metro and e-bicycles, to commute to work, promoting physical activity and environmental sustainability.

4. Family:
Despite their hard work, Taiwanese healthcare professionals prioritize work-life balance. By the end of their shift, most natives are not around for socialising, allowing themselves the opportunity to rest and spend time with their family.

5. Buddhism:
A majority of Taiwanese people follow the teachings of Buddhism and incorporate them into their daily lives, including healthcare professionals.

The concepts of mindfulness and meditation are infused into their healing techniques, along with extreme empathy for their patients.

Taiwanese healthcare professionals rarely turn down any patient for lack of monetary funds.

Taiwan is a country that has made tremendous strides in healthcare, offering valuable lessons to the rest of the world.

Video credits : Trending Taiwan on YouTube

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